Thai Music

A Thai Molam band


This will be mostly some music to listen to as well as a little history of Thai music.

        Thai music, whether current pop style or the very different Issan style of Morlam or Luktung. Both these can be described as a bit like folk or country music. Not necessarily slow or fast, but steeped in tradition over the years. Both these styles are very popular with Thai’s, and even if the younger generations prefer the latest Body Slam or Big Ass songs of today, they all know and can sing the older stuff. Maybe they are taught them at school or at home, I’m not sure. Some of the music can be very melodic and quite enchanting with or without voices. Some of the instruments are also a little different from what we are used to. 

        I had loads of old good Thai country music, which I’m sure most would not have heard before, but I seem to have sadly either misplaced and can’t find, or just plain lost it. If I find anything worthwhile that I had I’ll add it here. But as you all already know almost anything is available on the internet somewhere, so if you are really interested, doing a few searches will yield many delights I’m sure. Anyway, only a small handful here of the older stuff to maybe whet your appetite. I realise not everyone likes it but for those that do, please enjoy. These files will either play immediately or download straight away, so you can listen and/or watch later.

1 – Tik3.mp3

2 – Yodrak2.mp3

3 – Ching2.mp3

4 – AV02.mp3

5 – kwaam suk sabaii.wma

6 – M8.wmv

7 – M9.wmv