This is for all those dear people who aren’t with us any more. Purely for remembrance. If you want to add anyone send me the photo and any information you want to give and I’ll gladly add it for you. It’s sort of restricted to family and friends, with a connection to Thailand in some way. I don’t have most of the information of the subjects thus far, so if you know more than I do, please drop me an email or sms or Line or something and I’ll update. There is much to be written about each of these people, but here is not really the place. More to follow.

    1. Roly Shark. A well loved gentle giant. A Pattaya bar owner and legend.

    2. Pale Rider. Don’t know his real name, but was a early member of some of the best Yahoo groups 20+ years ago.

    3. Nang. She used to work with us and was a popular and much loved worker.

    4. My Mum. She died 9/9/2010 after a short but hideous medical battle. she was 84.

    5. Mam. Also worked for us and died because she left treatment too late.

    6. John and Noel. Both founding members of some Yahoo groups and other businesses. Sadly missed.

    7. My Dad. Died 21/7/2014 after a long battle with cancer. He was 91.

    8. Brummie Brian. For an Englishman he was OK. Took a lot of grief from many people all in good humour.

9. Dave Mackie. A long time resident, bar owner and legend. Resilient to the end.

10. Brian Duncan. Another Scot taken too early. Lived life as we all should.