Loy Krathong

          Also in the evening, although not so much any more due to aircraft safety concerns among others, large paper lanterns are lit with a candle inside it and sent aloft into the night sky. It is a really wonderful sight to hundreds or even thousands of these lanterns floating through the sky, being carried by the wind. There is a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards, as with the krathongs, but if get a chance to see this spectacle it’s well worth it. 

  Loy Krathong is arguably the most beautiful and lovely festivals in Thailand. It hopefully marks the end of the rainy season or monsoon. Thai’s give praise for enough rain to sustain crops for the next 5 or 6 months, particularly rice which is a major source of income for the country. 

          The day is spent making krathongs to which are added some incense, a candle and usually a 1 baht coin. It is then floated out to sea, or lake, signifying thanks for the rain and more so for sending all your bad luck away, so you can start anew.