For a lazy relaxing day out, not too far from home, there are a number of fishing parks that offer food, drink, music and even the catching of up to a 50Kg catfish is possible. Sadly a few little known ponds have disappeared over time, which were so good you would never know you were in Pattaya. But don’t despair, there are still plenty. Many carry catfish as well as a small number of the eating variety, are pretty common, but there are other parks that cater to some of the more exotic species. Naturally these places are a bit more expensive and although they say no guarantee of catching anything, most people seem to.

       Then there is salt water fishing with fishing tour boats available for hire, complete with captain, staff, all the gear and food and drink to go with it. These boats will take groups out or you may hire them, with everything, to try your luck in the relatively shallows of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s not ocean fishing but there are plenty of good times and good fishing to be had.  

P.S. No idea who the girl is holding the fish!