Crystals & Fossils

        This is one of my other delights in life (there aren’t many). I remember going rock hunting when I was very young, and the excitement and joy spilled out when I came across something I wanted or recognized, even if it wasn’t a terribly good example.

        Unfortunately, I don’t have all the names of just what some of these magnificent specimens are yet, but in the end it probably doesn’t really matter. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am working on all the names, but it is taking a while     

        The images are added so that the first ones you see are the latest added. The ones which have Italian language on them are gratefully allowed to be shown here by kind permission of the owner, Mr. Antonio Miglioli. Also in this lot are images kindly permitted from Fabian Wildfang and his collection. All pictures are here just for your enjoyment and wonderment of Mother Earth.