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Welcome to Here you will find mostly pictures interspersed with a few words from me. Not everything in this site will be of interest to everyone, but I hope some of you get some enjoyment out of it. If it makes you think a little, then I have done my job. The next step is up to you. So, please browse to your heart's content and if you get the urge, consider signing the guestbook. The updates below that are in red are the latest so you can see at a glance which to check out.

*3 pages added to the Bar 12 page. Photo's were taken over several nights, some birthdays, some just for the fun of it.*

*A new page for Loy Krathong 2011 has been added.*

*Also a new page all about birthday's.*

*Added page 2 to Birthday's*

**Breaking! Bar 12 is no more, but don't despair we have only moved. Jam and I are now on soi Buakhao in a beer bar complex call R-Con Bar Beer. The new bar is called (appropriately) One More. Exact location can be found by going to Google Maps and just entering One More Bar in the search box. More info and pictures in a while. Visit us if you can, it's like beer bars used to be like - loud and fun. **

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On Tuesday 19th May 2009, Steve Rowlands, effectionately known as Rolyshark, succumbed to cancer. He was just 46 years old. I had the pleasure of knowing him for many years, and this picture taken with me in the middle and Cleuters News Service on the left, was on March 14th on his final farewell trip to Thailand. R.I.P. big man. Missed by many. Also the 9th September is Jam's birthday party, although the day is actually the day before, but it also marks the 1st anniversary of my mother's death. So it will be a bitter sweet evening. If you are here then, feel free to join in the festivities, and I promise it will be a great night, with nary a tear shed!

Also, on this start page will be any news flashes or important announcements that need to be shared.

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